How to ask for Divine Love

Welcome to the receiving Divine Love information guide: To be introduced to, and informed about  the single Greatest spiritual Truth- that the Divine Love of God is available and that you can ask for and receive this Love into your soul. Read on.

1. What the Divine Love is.
2. How to receive the Divine Love into your soul.
3. What the Divine Love will do for you.
4. Prayer

1. THE DIVINE LOVE IS THE LOVE OF GOD. It is a part of God and comes from God. It is a real and actual substance, not just a talked about idea. It is not the love that people have for themselves and other people. The Divine Love is a more pure, more transforming, higher Love. It is Divine and of Divinity. When received, it will lodge in the soul of the person asking for it.

2. TO RECEIVE THE DIVINE LOVE YOU NEED TO ASK GOD FOR IT, in a way that is true and sincere for you. Once you have asked sincerely, rest and allow the The Divine Love to come to you, into your soul. You can do this sitting quietly, remaining open to receive. It can be a mixture of prayer [to ask], and meditation [rest and receive]. Only God has The Divine Love to give to individuals, not Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, so only God need be asked. The Divine Love is available to everyone, regardless of what their beliefs are.

3. THE DIVINE LOVE when received into your soul, will accumulate as you pray for It over time, and gradually transform your soul in many positive ways. It will help align you with your true individuality, it will resolve and heal any and all that you fear [fear is the opposite of love]. It will also give you an understanding of Truth and its existence and you will begin to create a relationship with God. It will be an experience of love, crafted to suit the Truth of your individuality perfectly. With sincere asking for the Divine Love and determination in your life, many difficulties can be overcome and your happiness will increase. I know it sounds simple and it is, but receiving the Divine Love into your soul is a momentous act, whether you do it a lot or a little. Of course the more Divine Love you receive, the greater will be the change in you, because when you change the nature of the soul, you change the nature of the person.

4. PRAYER: the word "prayer" means to ask. So to ask for the Divine Love from God is a form of prayer. So it is not necessary, once you have asked [prayed], to recite or repeat other prayers that you may know, if you do know any. It is enough, once you have asked for the Divine Love, to then sit comfortably and quietly and with faith allow the Divine Love to come to you. Some people meditate whilst receiving the Divine Love, some don't. The ability to meditate is not necessary to be able to receive the Divine Love but it can intensify the experience of prayer and the contemplation of a particular subject during prayer may help to bring about relevant insights. In the end no particular skill is required to received the Divine Love, just the decision to ask sincerely.

Starting Out
When starting out asking for the Divine Love, it can be a very subtle experience and you may not have any awareness, in the beginning, while you are praying, that you are receiving the Divine Love. Do not be disheartened! You will inevitably feel within yourself the Divine Love and know that you are being loved by God. And the more often you pray, the sooner will come this realization. You may also begin to notice changes in your life, changes that may show you the rightness of particular actions, a type of ease and flow in aspects of your daily living. This is a sign-post that change is already occurring within you.

In the end, prayer is between you and God, The Father and no one else. The entire experience of Divine Love is individualized perfectly, to suit you and the Truth of your individuality. Acceptance is love after all and so is God. This section on prayer is a guide that people may find helpful but feel free to approach prayer in a way that expresses your own individuality. If it is a sincere and heart felt expression, it will have the desired result- an inflowing of the Divine Love of God into your soul. Good luck in your life and may the Divine Love of God fill and transform your soul, and greatness, in the form of loving kindness, peace, and Truth, be yours.

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