Cafes in Stockholm

Cafe Rival
Address: Mariatorget 3, Södermalm Stockholm
Tel: 08-545 789 00
If anyone's expecting to see anything about Abba at the Benny Andersson owned, Parisian style Cafe Rival you'll be disappointed. There's not one photo or anything else about Abba. There are though interesting photos by the local photographer Ulla Montan capturing the local art people of Södermalm and the cafe is a really nice place to go for a coffee after looking at the galleries on a Saturday afternoon or on any day in Söder. The food and drink was excellent and it has it's own bakery so fresh pastries hopefully are assured though we didn't have any. He owns the stylish Hotel Rival next door as well.

Cafe Nova
Järntorget 82, Gamla Stan (Old Town), Stockholm
Tel 08-4114953
I love this cafe. It's one of the few places in Stockholm you can get a chai latte made with real tea leaves. You can get your newspapers from across the road (english too) and repair here after you've had a walk around the fantastic Old Town. The main room has very dim romantic lighting if you're not in the mood for newspapers. It's always filled with people having animated conversations and you can sit outside too, to check out the passing parade.

Keferepet Cafe.
Address: Klarabergsgatan 35, City, Stockholm
Tel: 08-4402555
Located near the beautiful St Klara church, it's on two levels, and serves a good coffee and the usual selection of cakes. I had a semla bun which was just perfect. Upstairs is slightly formal but with comfortable tables and lamps along the windows. Kind of a 60's ambience to me but not in a groovy Rolling Stones kind of way but more like the Swingle Singers. But there's something about Stockholm as a whole that's like going back to the 60's maybe the quietness and lack of skyscrapers. And the courtesy.

The Atrium Restaurant, National Gallery
Address: Sodra Blaisieholmhamnen, Stockholm
Ph: 08-6113430
This is an impressive place to have a coffee or a meal after you've exhausted yourself looking at paintings or not. It's a comfortable renaissance style room if there is such a thing- perfect for having a stimulating discussion about art. Sculptures adorn the walls. The lighting's relaxed. Prices are pretty good. For a coffee and cake they're all about the same all over Stockholm. And we had Sunday lunch here and it was good value and tasty too.

Wayne's Coffee
Address: Drottninggatan 55, City, Stockholm
Tel: 08-402 17 00 
Wayne's Coffee is all over Stockholm. It's packed on the weekend and especially on cold days it's hard to get a seat. It's kind of young and studenty if that's your thing. The music was an enjoyable mixture of old and new. The coffee and cakes were good sized servings.

Cafe Söderberg
Kungsträdgården 2:4 City, Stockholm
Tel: 08 217475
This is a really cute art nouveau styled cafe in Kungsträdgården. You feel like you're lunching in a hothouse because of the style of the windows and the fact that a tree grows through the stained glass centre of the room. It's near St Jacob's church so you can have a coffee or hot chocolate after a visit, not that it's particularly meditative, though on the day we went there were few other patrons. I imagine it's probably pretty busy in summer with tourists because it's in the heart of Stockholm with some lovely views of the garden and water. The coffee and hot chocolate was so so but the visual atmosphere in the cafe made up for it.

Konditorni Kungstornet Cafe
Kungsgatan 28, City, Stockholm
Ph: 08 206643
This is a really lovely place to come for afternoon tea. On two floors, it is decorated in a combination of classic and modern style. It's more of an older crowd. Comfortable, laid back ambience perfect for that private tete a tete. Cakes and coffee were excellent.

Here's a link to a pretty comprehensive list of Stockholm's great cafes, restaurants, bars, fashion and general groovy places if you like design. I haven't been to most of them but it's good to know just in case your in the mood for a bit of grooviness.

Here's 'Lost in Stockholm's' 15 best cafes in Stockholm.

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