About me


(this blog is on hiatus...)

I’m an Australian who moved to Sweden at the beginning of 2010 for a bit of an romantic adventure. I've never travelled much in my life and now I'm making up for it.

Getting to know Sweden has been full of incredible experiences. Some harder than others. The easy: the landscape and nature. Stockholm is so beautiful (surrounded by water like no other city I've seen except perhaps Sydney) and so is the rest of Sweden. There are endless outdoor activities to explore and experiences to be had. And I’ve only just begun. And do they look after it. Not like Australia. Though there are plenty of great and brave people in Australia who keep on trying.

The more challenging: the language! Learning Swedish is bluddy hard! It seems to be extra hard for English speakers to master. Mainly because of the Swedish pronunciation which is completely unique and which I feel ridiculous speaking in. And you have to speak it properly or no-one can understand you. The Swedes of course manage to speak English fantastically as they learn it for years at school.

I’m a painter so harmony is important to me.  I call something harmonic that is natural, inspiring and gives you feelings of happiness and peace. I find that a lot in art and nature. Photography allows me to share this more and I’m so glad I discovered it again with the digital camera. 10 years after everyone else but better late than never.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your time here.

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