The Melbourne Daily Photo 2: The Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia
Parrots high up in the eucalypt canopy.
One of the many painted trams in Melbourne.
View towards the conservatory in Fitzroy Gardens.
Beautiful sunny skies and 21 degrees in Melbourne. A perfect day to walk through the 26 hectares of the magnificent Fitzroy Gardens (1848). It's mainly a classic Victorian era garden design with long avenues of elm trees, which you can stroll through for hours and which lead to various points of interest such as Captain Cook's cottage which was shipped out from Yorkshire in 1934.

Situated basically in the inner city of east Melbourne, you can get there easily on foot (about 10 minutes) from Flinders Street train station (the central station) or get the number 11 tram (20 mins- it's quicker to walk most of the time). It's a magic garden and well worth hanging out in for an afternoon in the sun.


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