What to do during a heatwave in Stockholm

It's been a heatwave in Sweden this week so it's been impossible to sleep. Temperatures in the high twenties. The houses are designed for the cold not the other way round so the fan's been working overtime. The garden looks fantastic though.
So we took a train trip on the original 1912 train (runs on Saturdays from Slussen) to Saltsjöbaden baths for a bit of sunbaking and swimming though I didn't do either. Just walked around taking photos of trees and the water while Hiie sunbaked on the pine needle strewn ground.

Getting off the original 1912 train at Saltsjöbaden station.
Sunbaking at Saltsjöbaden baths. There's also separate womens and mens areas for nude sunbaking though we didn't go there.  As I was walking around the tiny island of pine trees and rocks a group of young women were jumping off the roof of the bathing house topless and screaming. The sound of joy floated through the air.
Only 15,596 kilometres to Bondi Beach from Saltsjöbaden it says on the sign.
The Grand Hotel at Saltsjöbaden.
The heat beating down on our garden.
The sun setting. Probably around 10pm.


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