Zooming along with a kite in Pärnu Estonia

Recently we were in Pärnu again in Estonia for a couple of days as the beach there is stunning. Beautiful soft clean sand. Crystal clear water, undulating sand dunes and plenty of refreshments and activities on the beach if you're bored of sunbaking. Which you never are as there's no sun! Except a few minutes here and there. But there's always kitesurfing if there's a breeze which there was. 
Equipment can be rented on the main beach at the MaxWave surf centre if you haven't your own. I haven't managed to go kitesurfing in Pärnu yet and probably never will as I have a bad back but I love watching it and taking photos.

view over the Pärnu rooftops to the cathedral photo by susan wellington
View over the rooftops to the cathedral spire from Hotel Victoria.

We stayed at the Hotel Victoria which is a little run down but it was so charming and comfortable and the staff were gorgeous it made up for it. Plus it's so central to everything. We'd definitely stay there again. 


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