Swan babies swish into the water at Edsvik, Stockholm

Male swan on the way to the nest.
We went to Edsvik (about 45mins from central Stockholm) a couple of days ago to see if the mother mute swan (or knölsvan in swedish) had had her babies. The female has been sitting on her eggs since April 1st and amazingly, thanks to Hiie's good timing, we got there either the day they hatched or the day after (about 50 days later) and watched them all go into the water perhaps for the first time. 
This swan pair we were amazed to see chose to breed at this particular spot close to the walking path the last couple of years. Breeding swans often go back to the same spot if their breeding was successful. Those little babies survived cats, dogs, other birds, a sports centre over the road, runners, cyclists. That is one strong female bird. 

We didn't know if she had the babies at this stage but must've decided we were ok and pulled away her wings and there they were like 6 little fluff balls.
On the way to the water.
All together.
  • a female swan is called a pen and a male swan is called a cob and baby swans are called either cygnet or flapper in english.


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