Stockholm International Women's Film Festival

  • This Saturday, to introduce the first SAGA- Stockholm International Women's Film Festival in August, there will be four new documentaries screened at ABF Huset in Sveavägen. We're going, I think, unless something unforeseen comes up. 

    The film festival will be a celebration of 'women-behind-the-camera films' from all over the world. This means that the movies to be shown will have to have a woman as a director, writer, producer, cinematographer or composer. 

    The festival will show all types of movies not just documentaries- animation, short films, features and others. I'm sure it'll be great. You're all invited.
  • FILM CAFE # 1 - February 1, 2014
    4 fabulous documentaries to introduce SAGA : Stockholm International Women's Film Festival to Stockholm.
    Their mission is to support women filmmakers, writers, directors, composers and film crews. Their vision- a gender free film world.
    From Beirut with Love ( Wael Noureddine : 30 mins )
    Kärleksförmedling ( Martina Carlstedt : 30 mins )
    Beyond the Burqa ( Sahra Mosawi : 45 mins )
    Svea och Jag ( Klara Levin : 15 mins )
     Film Cafe 1 is at ABF, Sveavägen 41, Sandersalen
    Saturday February 1st
    12 to 3pm
    Entrance 50kr
    Coffee and cake 30kr
    Enquiries 0735 692506
SAGA webpage


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