A zoom through the year:

January 2013
Rune stone in the snow, Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by susan wellington
Rune stone in the snow, Stockholm.
My mum at Ripponlea House cafe in Melbourne.  Some of 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' is filmed there. Amazingly the woman in the shop hadn't seen any of the show.
Taking photos on Princes Bridge, Melbourne. Photo by Susan Wellington
On Princes Bridge looking towards St Paul's cathedral in Melbourne.
photo of the Yarra River Melbourne on a sunny day. Photo by Susan Wellington
The Yarra River Melbourne winds its way through the city.
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Young giraffe smiling for the camera at Melbourne Zoo.
I went to Melbourne zoo to practice taking photos of animals. It's much more difficult than you think. It was a very, hot sunny day about 35 degrees and so all the animals were lying around doing nothing in the shade as you would. Except for the giraffes and a few other hot climate animals. It's a great place to go if you're in Melbourne and want to see some Australian animals close to town. Though the koalas aren't that much. Much better to go to Phillip Island a couple of hours outside Melbourne. Or Healesville Sanctuary. 

Red kangaroos in the shade at Melbourne Zoo
Red kangaroos escaping from the heat at Melbourne Zoo.
Summer view of Torquay beach, Victoria, Australia. Photo by susan wellington
A stroll across the road from the cafe to this view at Torquay beach, Victoria, Australia. Beautiful.
Bella the Cat asleep outside in a cane basket. Photo by Susan Wellington
Bella glad to be outside again in her favourite cane basket.
Gustav II Adolf Equestrian statue 1796. Photo by susan wellington
Gustav II Adolf equestrian statue (1796) in Gustave Adolf torg, Stockholm.  Designed by L'Archeveques.
The jazzy side of Sweden

Hiie feeding the homeless cats at the hotel in Crete.

Bougainvillea on a powerpole in Chania, Crete
Bougainvillea was everywhere in Crete. This was a typical site around the streets of Chania. You could really see the evidence of the financial crisis all around Chania though. There were abandoned houses and businesses everywhere. The people were so generous spirited but they all mentioned how tough it was. There were starving cats everywhere too and at our hotel there were dozens of them and we had about 6 outside our door day and night which Hiie started feeding. 

View from the bus on the way to Knossos in Crete.

Opening of opera paevad in Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia. Photo by susan wellington
Singers at the opening of the opera week in Kuressaare, Estonia.
Tranquil boats on the Baltic Sea, Saaremaa, Estonia. Photo by susan wellington
Glass like water at the Baltic Sea, Saaremaa, Estonia.
A viking sculpture on the island of Saaremaa, Estonia.
Viking sculpture looking fierce at Saaremaa, Estonia.
Scary looking storm clouds on the bus from Tallinn to Tartu, Estonia.
Estonia has very distinctive clouds. There is an Estonian artist called Navitrolla who, when I first saw his paintings, thought the clouds in them were just fantasy. They're not. They have little puffy white cartoon clouds that sweep in. They also have really dramatic low lying cumulus clouds piled on top of one another. They look incredibly dramatic but nothing much happens which is kind of nice. Just a bit of rain. But it looks like the earth's going to open up.

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I just fancied this tree. Don't know what it is. It looks like an apple tree but I'm not sure. Stockholm.
Bob Dylan on stage at the Stockholm Waterfront 2013.
Bob Dylan in the shadows at the Stockholm Waterfront.
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Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm as the sun sets.
Buoys dot the still waters at Saltsjöbaden , Stockholm as the sun sets.
Twinkling snowflake Christmas lights in Sergelgatan, Stockholm. 
January 2014
Snow again! What's in store for the year? It's different already.


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