Bob Dylan at Stockholm’s Waterfront Congress Centre 12/10/13

Bob Dylan came and went like a gunslinger at Stockholm’s waterfront congress centre the other night- singing with his legs splayed like he was ready to shoot or ride a horse. It was funny. 
And not loud by any means- the 6 piece band- 2 guitars and one pedal steel- played this constant, quiet chugging and alternatively fluid rhythm like a country and western lament behind Bob’s craggy, barely there voice which strangely would rise up at the end of nearly every lyric line. Like the old nuns in school! Maybe that’s right. Spirituals are one of the foundations of the blues.

The whole feeling of the concert was like some old style Americana minstrels arriving and disappearing into a prairie dust storm on the back of a Ford pick up. Well that’s what I was imagining as I was being put into a trance by the steady rhythm.

All the songs from the 60’s to now had been rearranged away from their original versions into an almost easy listening (to my ears) mix of country and western, blues and other genres so that it was like listening to entirely new songs. To me the original versions won easily. But it was still amazing to hear these versions. 

I mean he’s 72 now so you do what you have to do. Though he seemed to look and get about like a much younger man. It was a fitting end to the day after checking out the brilliant colours of the autumn leaves in Uppsala. 






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