The Sirius Movie: it is time for you to know

I know I said I've finished writing posts for this blog but I've changed my mind! That's the beauty of the blog. It's not about Sweden (sorry about that) or travelling anywhere myself but it is about interstellar travel.

A new feature length documentary 'Sirius: it is time for you to know' (trailer above) is being released on April 22nd 2013. It's produced by Dr Steven Greer (I've written about one of his books here), a former emergency doctor who has dedicated himself for the last few decades to bringing the truth about extraterrestrials to the public. You can read about his organisation CSETl and all it does at At the CSETI YouTube channel there are many fascinating interviews you can watch too: Just a sample: Dr. Richard Haines - NASA research scientist, Enrique Kolbeck - Air Traffic Controller, Commander Graham Bethune.

'Sirius' basically follows Dr Greer as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy and propulsion techniques. The documentary shows that the earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations who can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light, using technology, the knowledge of which has been suppressed from the public, according to this documentary. Make up your own mind by taking a look.

We were one of the many thousands of people who gave a small donation to the production of the film. Supposedly one of the largest crowd funded films in history.

You can watch the movie online from April 22nd (Earth Day) if it's not playing in a cinema near you or just click on the Sirius icon at the top of the right hand column of this website.

If you’re interested in reading what Dr Greer has to say about 'Sirius' here’s an interview from BBS Radio.


Filippo Voltaggio:
Frankly, I can’t think of a more momentous, life changing experience than what we could experience if we chose to believe what we will be discussing with our guest today, Dr. Steven Greer. Dr. Greer has been working for over 20 years to bring credible, scientific research surrounding extra terrestrial life forms and their influence to light. Dr. Greer left his career as a medical emergency physician, to address an emergency that is a detriment to the knowledge of the global population. The federal campaign of secrecy to suppress information regarding extra terrestrial contact and energy alternatives that would steer us away from the petrol dollar our world leaders love so much. Dr. Greer’s new film, SIRIUS, aims to peak public interest to the realities that ET life forms have and are, visiting this planet, that it is possible to make contact with them, and that their means and methods of travel pose a great threat to the fossil fuel industries, and consequently,
our government. Without further ado, please allow me to welcome today’s guest. Many of you know at least a little, if not a lot, about this man. I have been fortunate to meet Dr. Greer on multiple occasions and have seen many of his lectures, and I have to say that his message is unbelievably inspiring and understandingly intriguing. His film is among the most thought provoking films I’ve seen of late, and if the film aims to peak interest, it has done so in spades. Welcome Dr. Greer.

Dr. Steven Greer:
Thank you so much for having me. We are so thrilled to have the premiere in Los Angeles on April 22, Earth Day. And, we picked that date because there is a misconception that this film aims to shed light on extra terrestrial life. It does, but what we’re really trying to focus on in SIRUIS, is humanity and its progression moving forward. My uncle worked on the design of the Lunar Module, you know that funny looking think that landed on the moon. His company was Northrup Grumman, and these aerospace companies have been studying extra terrestrial activity in covert programs for over 50 years and have more or less
found out how these UFO’s are zippin’ around. That secret, is why this type of research has been the bud of so many jokes, and it’s why the CIA launch in 1953 was conceived in a similar light. I have a document that shows the CIA’s outreach to Disney, in hopes to create absurd cartoons surrounding the launch to make sure the substance of the research and findings, were flying below the radar, and were not taken seriously in the general public. If the reality of how these UFO’s are moving and traveling had been revealed, it would‘ve rendered the coal, oil and nuclear industries useless, which, if done in the 50’s would have prevented 60 years of environmental decay, global warming, and investment in an extremely pedestrian and detrimental form of energy. This is the main reason why this crucial information has been held under lock and key. We are talking about hundreds of trillions of dollars in assets that belong to some of the most powerful industries on the planet. Now I say that the film is really about humanity. I started the Disclosure Project, 20 years ago, to brief high ranking government officials on the topic and what I learned was that, ironically, these were not the people that were going to make the changes necessary.

The president is, believe it or not, denied access to these operations. President Carter, openly admitted that he did not have a high enough clearance rate to be briefed on these so called “blackops.” I think it is really important for people to understand that Eisenhower said “beware the military industrial complex,” because he knew it would be a threat to our democracy and way of life. It was under his watch in the 50’s that this whole field of study went sideways. And ever since then, we have been living in a twilight zone, of what I call the “retarded society” where we think we’re advanced, because we have smart phones, but what we fail to realize, is that these phones are being powered on a power grid from the 19th century that has not advanced technologically, but only in scope. It is up to us to choose, to take this information, and make a decision regarding the future of our planet. We as a species have a chance to change the way we utilize the power of our planet for good, or continue on a path of self-destruction. It us up to us, the people of the world, which is the central theme of the film.
FV: Dr. Greer, you’ve talked about the suppression of this information, and what it
leads to is really disheartening. The fact that what you’re saying, is more often than
not, immediately discredited as either conspiracy, or left wing nonsense. How do
we get over this hump in the collective mentality surrounding this issue? How do we
convince people to at the very least, listen, and be open to new information?
SG: Well Fillipo, you’ve really hit the nail on the head, but it’s a testament to how well the forces that are striving to illegally keep this information a secret are doing. Everything is well documented and factual, all we have to do is bypass the social conventions surrounding this type of information and look to grow from it. Nikola Tesla and Faraday amongst others, found high voltage electromagnetic systems that pull energy from what is called the “Zero Point Energy Field.” The truth is that if these technologies were not suppressed, we could have people with devices no larger than a heat pump, running their entire households, there would be no regressive technology that locks us into a grid, and there would be almost no pollution. These are the kinds of truth that people need to made aware of.
We had, as early as the 50’s, vehicles that could levitate in a Jetson like manner, but the CIA is very good at sculpting a mindset that these types of technology are farcical. We have photos after photos showing these types of “flying saucers,” some of which are not from this planet, but what is shocking, is that many of them are man made. This is information that is even less likely to reach the public. The Intelligence community is perfectly content to make it seems as though these saucers are ET, because it plays into the dismissive mentality that they have created. If the people knew that we had the capability of creating energy and vehicles like this, there would be a crumbling of giant macro economic engines.

FV: Tell us about how this movie got made. I know that there was quite a groundswell
of support.

SG: We’ve been so lucky to have such a supportive following. SIRIUS is the largest crowd funded documentary in history. So we’ve had complete public funding and have not turned to any corporations or media conglomerates to aid in the production of the film. And we’ve taken a non-traditional approach to distribution as well. We are releasing SIRIUS through a company called YEKRA in Los Angeles that will allow all of the backers and organizations associated with the film, along with all of the online communities interested in the subject material, to be their own distribution center. And you can sign up for this right now at We’ve gone through YEKRA because we are trying to circumvent the mindset that is synonymous with main stream media corporations with regards to this subject material. I’ve been on shows like Larry King Live, but for the most part, when you step into this arena and claim that there has been half a centuries worth of illegal secrecy conducted by our government officials, the main stream mediums usually try to temper the message a bit. I’ve been on live talk shows, where commercial breaks have aired earlier than they were supposed to, to give the producers time to tell me to change the direction of my response or that the interview would be dumped. YEKRA’s technology,
mirrors the core of the film, and the message that we are trying to get across to people. We now have the option of steering away from the main stream media and choosing to get out information and content from alternative sources. We have funded this movie through the people, and predict that with YEKRA’s technology, SIRIUS will be distributed and shared by the people.
FV: Dr. Greer, you are the founder of the Disclosure Project and, Center for the Study
of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. You have written four books, appeared in multiple
films on the subject. You’ve also led groups throughout the world on peaceful contact
with extraterrestrial life and have studied the Sanskrit Vedas and have been teaching mantra meditation for over thirty years. Dr. Greer, how does this all transform
from medical emergency practice.

SG: Well I was a tutored Sanskrit and taught meditation of the Vedas before my medical practice, but yes I did run an ER and trauma center for 10 years, but this subject slowly overtook my medical work because what I discovered a few years ago, was that the secrecy surrounding this issue is destroying our planet. I always joke that I was an emergency doctor for 10 years, so I know an emergency when I see one. But people get caught up in this dark conspiracy aspect of this, yet the thing we are trying to convey is that this subject has a message of great hope. The means for creating a sustainable and peaceful civilization are extant. They already exist here on earth, and just because these technologies have been ruthlessly suppressed doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. And the only way this kind of change happens, is drawing people’s attention to this covert dictatorship that we are prisoner to in this country, and allowing them to make a decision.

 People always ask, when is disclosure coming? When is the President going to reveal
what the government has been hiding from us for all these years? I always say, “what do you think the President can do about it.” I met with the CIA director when I was just 30 years old. My hands were shaking as I handed him a white paper with a series of proposed executive actions for the president and the leadership of our country. The CIA director looked at me and said, “how do we disclose, that which we have no access to?” So the bottom line is that the emperor has no clothes. People have all these false assumptions that if you are in the CIA or you’re a general that you somehow have access to things that are incredibly secret, and the fact is, they don’t. But we’ve put out a call, for people to come forward with this information, and they did, why? Because it has been established that this is not legal secrecy, that is protected under the National Security Act, it
is illegal secrecy. Now because of this, the people who have come forward are not bound by their security oaths, which is why we’ve gone from a dozen top secret whistle blowers, to over five hundred. That’s how we got all of this classified information, and all of these documents, including I might add, discs that have thousands of pages of technologies on them, technologies that could change the makeup of energy consumption on this planet, if we could get them into research facilities. I’m sitting on them, because you can conduct this type of research in your garage. And that is where all of the money that the film makes is going, in hopes to get away from these sources of energy that are destroying mother earth.
FV: This is all so shocking to me, and I don’t think that many people know that,
somebody like the President, the highest ranking official in the nation, doesn’t have
access to some of the information that you’ve been discussing.

SG: Well what I’ll tell you, people like the President, who I’ve written briefings for, who are interested and curious enough, are torn between knowing, and having control access. Access in a classified area is extremely compartmentalized, so just because the President knows something, doesn’t necessarily mean that he has control over that information. But getting back to what we’ve been discussing, the disclosure project does not aim to influence high ranking officials, because we have obviously seen the security state that they have built, but rather getting this information to the people. It is only the collective consciousness that will bring change that can break through such a dense cloud of ignorance that has been draped over our society and culture. In the early 1900’s quantum mechanics Erwin Schrödinger, said that the total number of minds in the universe is one. It’s a singularity. This is where my study of the Vedas and meditation really comes into play, not only with making contact with the universe and universal life forms, but with connecting to this collective consciousness. If you can sit in meditation, and experience a connection to that one mind, called Sumati, you can then awaken from that state, and apply it to your daily consciousness which will allow you to view what’s going on around us in a different light. This is what remote viewing is all about. Interestingly enough I met a general in the United States Army that was training his boys to achieve this state, as well as some folks in the CIA. They had a program at Stanford Research International, that DARPA was doing on remote viewing, and I know all of those early remote viewers like Ingo Swann, were good friends of mine, and what I tried to point out was that, this is something that is innate to every human being, we shouldn’t be exploring this territory with
just spies and military, the entire world needs to be in tune to this kind of conscious reality. What motivates me more than anything, is that real change starts at this deep level of consciousness, and the influence will pour from the inside out, not the other way around. An idea is a powerful thing, and people coming together in support of an idea is what we are trying to promote. This is what I hope SIRIUS can do for everyone. If this message is spread and we can raise, what in the world of physics is a very modest sum of money, between eight and ten million dollars, we can build facilities and take some of the most brilliant minds that have been wrapped up in these covert operation, to work at bringing substantial change to the world. This research has to be supported and funded by the public, it has to be for the public, not for some rich barons, or titans of industry, and that is what we are trying to achieve with SIRIUS, giving the power back to the people.

FV: Dr. Greer, if this momentous change does come, and I hope that it does, what will
the future look like?

SG: Well here’s the vision that can guide the world and inspire us. Once we have these zero point sums of energy, we can alleviate our planet of the destructive methods of harness resources from it. Free energy will be the great equalizer. This notion of poverty will be eliminated, because we will have even the most remote societies powered by this free grid, which will give them water and other resources without having to continue with these destructive extraction methods that are dominating our world today. Universal education can come into play as well, and we can put an end to notions of bigotry, and homophobia and superiority complexes that all stem from of atavistic struggle for a dominance of the zero sum game of resources. So I feel that once the world has
woken up, we can end this cannibalism of our planet, we can bring justice to this planet, and with that justice, we can have peace.

FV: Dr. Greer thank you so much for coming on Life Changes.

SG: Thank you Fillipo. It was my pleasure.


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