Diana Krall at Stockholm's Konserthuset 2012

We saw Diana Krall recently at the Konserthuset in Stockholm. The most wonderful intimate, soulful and unique concert inspired by American music of the 1920's. I'm so glad I looked on her website to see if she was coming to Stockholm as you'd never have known. There's just barely any publicity here of international performers unless you're in Södermalm and happen to see a wall poster. We were in the front row thanks to Hiie and it was just like having Diana Krall performing in your living room. Absolutely fantastic.

The above video clip of her singing 'Glad Rag Doll' (written in 1928 by Jack Yellen, Milton Ager and Don Dougherty for the movie of the same name ) is from the concert. (There's a brief bit of chatter before the song starts as she's patching up her finger which she seemed to have cut while she was playing an earlier song). It's also the title of her recently released album which she performed most of at the concert. Diana and the rest of the musicians were superb.


  1. i enjoyed listening to that, sound like you had a good time. Thankyou for sharing, who'd have thought that piano playing was dangerous?

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  2. Thanks Sosie glad you enjoyed it. Some piano players have gotten a bit dangerous in the past - Jerry Lee Lewis. But Diana is rather a laid back player so I don't know how she did it.


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