Swedish glassmaker to close Orrefors facility

 I was disappointed to read that the famous Swedish glass makers Orrefors have decided to close down two facilities in southern Sweden and lay off 130 employees. Who is responsible for the direction of the company? Not the people packing the glass that's for sure yet they're always the first to go. There are still plenty of people in the world with disposable income to afford Orrefors glass so what's really the problem? The owners suggest the present economic uncertainty is making it too difficult. Too easy. People still spend huge amounts on the latest technology, designer clothes etc. (Yes I know most of them are cheaply made in inhuman conditions in China and other places but is this really the way to go? There really has to be a paradigm shift. When you separate design and manufacturing what you're really destroying is a country's unique culture. Maybe that's the point.)

 In the end it's the design that makes the difference. And the directors of that company should've been directing their designers to come up with something new the last few years before it gets to the stage where facilities have to be shut down and people retrenched. There are plenty of great swedish designers here that could've revitalised that company. So why didn't they?


  1. Is that Karl Lagerfeld?

    That's another exmple of skills and talents being sent out to cheaper countries. The French fashion industry has shrunk so much nowadays. hardly any clothes are actually made in France today.

    130 jobs lost means the whole community suffers, shops and services close as factories close down...

  2. Hi Anji yes it is Karl Lagerfeld. That's a shame to hear that about France too. It's really crazy. But perhaps people may start making their own clothes again like the 'good old days' as a reaction? Who knows.


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