If you Want to Learn Swedish...

I just thought I'd give you a brief run down of a few swedish language websites that I've found helpful in my feeble attempts to learn swedish. They're mainly all free resources. Of course nothing really beats studying formally in the real world but sometimes you just don't have the time so the online world's a fantastic resource.

Swedish flashcards.com you can sign up for their free newsletter and get sent practice words and sentences every day if you want. It's graded from beginners onwards and you can practice writing in swedish. If you pay a basic fee you can hear everything pronounced. There are plenty of others but I've found that over time I keep using this one as it's practical and they don't hard sell like most of the others.

Swedish Pod 101 on YouTube is good for beginners too. It has well produced videos focused on particular themes ie.what's in the kitchen or most common verbs in swedish to know etc.

Tyda.se is an online dictionary. Basically you type in the swedish word and it gives you all the possible meanings in english plus all the parts of that particular word in swedish, ie if it's a verb then the present, past, infinitive etc. I use it everyday. If you want a book of swedish verbs and all their tenses and conjugations 201 Swedish Verbs is good.

Norstedts dictionaries seem to be the most common to buy in Sweden. They're really written for swedes studying english but english speakers use them too. They have the noun endings- whether the noun is common or neutral and what it is in plural which you have to know.  It gives no idea though about pronunciation. I've found the Berlitz mini swedish/english dictionary is the only dictionary that shows pronunciation. Though realistically you can only really 'get' the pronunciation by listening to it spoken. A good way is listening to swedish radio or watching swedish tv or if you're in Sweden listen to peoples conversations when you're out. Or practicing with some swedes, that is if you can get them to stop speaking english!

Here's some online news sites that are helpful if you want to or if you're learning swedish.
8 Sidor -online swedish newspaper in basic swedish. It has sound too so you can read and listen to it spoken at the same time.
Klartext-news in easy swedish. The news is read in swedish and it has a brief summary written so you have basic idea of what is being said.

If you're in Sweden and want to meet up with some fellow swedish learners Meetup.com seems to be a great service. Here's the Stockholm Meet Up group link. There are groups in other places in Sweden. Just go to their site and do a search.

There are plenty of other resources online and off but these are just some that I have used and enjoyed. Hope this helps in your journey to learn swedish.

Update 2017: At google playstore you can download many of the above as free apps. I've found the Språkplay app, which is a collection of shows on SV1, including news in easy swedish, helpful as it gives written text while the show is playing.


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