Battle over mining in Gotland goes to Sweden's highest court

 Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love Gotland. Well there is an ongoing dispute in Gotland between environmentalists and a Finnish company Nordkalk. Norkalk wants to carry out large-scale limestone mining in the ancient habitat of Ojnare forest on Gotland. Read more about it here

I'm not totally anti-mining however it's a slippery slope that once countries are on it never seems to stop until there's not much of any environment left. It's too easy for countries to make money from mining instead of investing in the ingenuity and creativity of people. 

If you're interested in stopping the mine here's a petition you can sign to Swedish Environment Minister Lena Ek to declare Ojnareskogen and surrounding areas an EU protected nature area - And do it fast.

Postscript: 17th October 2012
The Swedish Supreme Court has stopped Nordkalk from continuing its plans to open a limestone quarry on the island of Gotland. The court had already referred the planned mine back to the environmental authorities because of possible impact on the surrounding habitats but now says the company also has to stop all preparatory work as well, reports news agency TT. (from Radio Sweden's website) Great!


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