The sounds of an Estonian summer 2012

An exercise class on the Pärnu beach Estonia. It's on the south-west coast of Estonia. Thankfully it was a bit warmer and sunnier than Sweden.
One of the many old homesteads you see passing by from the window of the bus. The brilliant green is the real colour.
The crystal light of the Baltic Sea at Pärnu beach.
The beautiful centre of old town in Tärtu, Estonia's second largest city. Really a large town with an intellectual heart. Sister city to Uppsala in Sweden which it reminds me of because of its quietness and gentility.
The Emajögi River runs through Tartu and like the town is the second largest in Estonia.
Bloomin' beautiful.
Old dilapidated wooden buildings in Tärtu are gradually being renovated or built anew since Estonia regained its independence in 1991.
Ferries line up in the capital Tallinn's harbour.
The miniscule audience at the Pärnu opera evenings. Very disappointing for the opera singer in the window who sang fantastically and the producers. But was it wise putting on avant-garde opera at 10.30pm at a holiday resort?
The tranquil waters of Tallinn harbour looking towards old town.
The weather at Pärnu was perfect for windsurfers who were everywhere zipping up and down the beach.
Sunbaking and soccer. People on the beaches are so well behaved compared to what goes on in Australia. People are so quiet, so well mannered and considerate I still cannot get over it. The car hoons screeching up and down the beach front I definitely don't miss.
The Emajögi again. A river about which many Estonian songs have been written.
Hiie and Tarmo on the swings at Pärnu beach. Harder than it looks.

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