Frolicking in Fjärderholmarna

I hadn't heard of Fjärderholmarna, a group of islands in the Stockholm archipelago, until recently. That's no surprise as there are thousands of islands all vying for your attention to visit if you live in Stockholm. But this one, the Stora Fjärderholm, is a little gem. It's only a half an hour ferry ride from the middle of town (-the ferry is no chore either, well except perhaps waiting in line with a lot of passengers eager to top up their tans- where do they get them, there's no sun here.)

The place is gorgeous. It's a heavily pined island. Pine needles and wild flowers make walking a silent discovery. Large rocks and various discarded military paraphenalia from WW2 create a kind of desolate beauty. Added to that is 3 restaurants, an ice cream parlour (which we partook of), an outdoor children's theatre and lots of little hand made craft stores and a couple of museums (the Baltic Aquarium is one). In one of the craft stores you could watch the glassware being made which was interesting. (Good for me to see as I'd been nuturing a fantasy of glassblowing since I got to Sweden. That killed it.)

The day we visited the sun was out so all the rocks were decorated with groups of sunbakers like stranded starfish from a distance. The pictures on my camera phone don't do it justice.

How to get to Fjärderholmarna:
Catch the No 53 bus or
The ferry runs from May to September and you catch it in Slussen or Nybrokajen.  Can't remember how much it cost but it's not much. About 90 kronor I think.

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