Summer sauntering in Sverige

 Summer in Sweden is a picture postcard full of green grass, lush foliage and ravishing roses (except when it's raining or hungover with low clouds.) It's absolutely superb while it lasts so you better get outdoors and experience it. Because before you know it, it's gone. I was horrified to realise yesterday that the leaves on our ash tree have already started to turn gold. Well I feel like summers barely begun.
This is our local allotment garden. Supposedly in 1895 the first allotment garden in Sweden was established in Malmö, followed by Stockholm in 1904. The local authorities were inspired by Anna Lindhagen, a social-democratic leader who visited allotment gardens in Copenhagen and was delighted by them. She is said to have met Lenin when he passed through Stockholm from exile in Switzerland on his return trip to Russia after the February Revolution in 1917. She invited him to the allotment gardens of "Barnangen" to show all its benefits. He wasn't impressed. The workers should not be occupied with gardening, they should rather devote themselves to the proletarian revolution according to him. (Wikipedia)
'Be like the flower, turn your faces to the sun'. Kahlil Gibran
Our beautiful rose bush.


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