Photo Essay: Saltsjöbaden

One fine day (well for about an hour) recently I thought I'd get some sea air and maybe take some photos. I decided to go to Saltsjöbaden, a seaside suburb of Stockholm and the last stop on the lokalbana from Slussen.

The water was sparkling, like small blue crystals, around Slussen. The man in black didn't care.

Autumn light on a mechanics shop.

The rush of trees and train.

Who lives here I wonder? I love their garden.

Stopping at the station. Nobody waiting.

Where is everybody? 

It's hard to believe this is a really popular summer place. Full of people eating ice creams, sunbaking, sailing and swimming.

Boats are being brought in, preparing for the winter of snow and ice.

Almost the only person I saw at the sea.

Aside from a few mothers pushing their prams vigorously.

While the cabins stand deserted.

Silent Saltsjöbaden

Read more about Saltsjöbaden on the Best beaches of Stockholm 2 post. 


  1. Thanks Anna I'm glad you like them.

  2. Hi I really enjoy your blog a lot, I like the information on Sweden, only been visited once though. I am passing on a blog award called Versatile blog award. Congrats!!!

    My blog is Scottish girl in zurich ! There you can see the rules of the award.


  3. Thankyou so much Emma deciding to give me an award. Who doesn't like awards? Yes you've got to be versatile living in another country that's for sure. I'm glad you enjoy the blog and I'll be having a look at yours. Looking forward to going to Scotland at some stage.


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