Flowers for Friends

With all the horrors going on in the world today I thought something completely the opposite might be in order. Flowers. They make you feel that little bit better about the world. That little bit more emotionally balanced which is their true purpose.

Timeless beautiful (and sometimes strange) flowers that give so much and ask for so little. Just some water and fertilizer occasionally. Except if you live in a drought stricken country like Australia. Planting a rose garden is considered by some there to be almost a treasonable offence. I’d say almost no rose gardens are now created by anybody in Australia, except a few die-hards willing to put up with raised eyebrows. Quite a few beautiful old rose gardens have been dug out and planted with native plants (that use less water) supposedly because of the drought. But I think they’re just on a vendetta against beauty. Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne, one of the oldest, is one that had the most romantic rose gardens and bower in spring. No more. Everybody needs romance. Even aussies.

Not so in Sweden. During summer here there is an outpouring of colour from all the flowers considered sacrilege in Australia. You’ve never seen such perfect daisies, daffodils, petunias, roses, tulips, pansies, geraniums and pelargoniums. And all the rest that I don’t know. Here’s just a few.

Nearly everyone has pots of flowers hanging outside their windows here in Sweden. It's a bit of a competition who's got the best display.

The lovely daisy. Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love was also known as the goddess of flowers. 

This is a local community garden. Inspiring. Of course for a lot of the year it's too cold and snowy for gardening but then spring comes and everyone gets into it.

Let yourself be saturated by the colour. It's deeply healing.

I went to a garden party.

According to Hiie this is phlox. Hadn't heard of it myself but a very pretty flower.

Every house has some daffodils in their spring garden. They're scattered around roadways and parks too. In no particular order. It looks like they've just grown there but people must've planted them. But you never see anyone planting anything. It's like the fairies have done it. 

Tiptoeing through the tulips. Remember Tiny Tim anyone?

Trumpets of colour. Petunias are one of my favourite flowers. What's yours?

Millesgården in bloom.


  1. Thanks Anna glad you enjoyed them.

  2. Beautiful! I love flowers, there are so much of beuaty with them.

  3. Wow! Beautiful flowers! I love flowers.
    Judy from Jamaica

  4. Thanks for the comments Monica and Judy. I agree Monica- so much beauty. We planted some purple and white Asters on Sunday and it just gives you so much joy gardening. I have conversations with them as I plant them!
    Judy I imagine they'd have pretty amazing flowers in Jamaica?

  5. You had taken very nice photos, the timing of camera is so nice. Thanks for sharing such a nice pictures with us


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