Great places to ski, sled and ice-skate in Stockholm

Skiing always looks so exotic when you come from a hot climate. And glamourous. Well that's what's in my imagination from watching too many James Bond movies. (As an aside they're playing all the James Bond films on Swedish tv every week which I'm enjoying at the moment.) Though the Swedes you see out doing their morning exercises on skis don't particularly look glamourous and there's definitely no smiling. Or lipstick. I haven't managed to go skiing yet in Stockholm though I have to soon as the snow is starting to melt.

Recently in one of the free train newspapers, there was an article on places to go skiing in Stockholm. The problem is if you don't own skis many of the places don't always have hire facilities. Well that's the excuse I give myself. But there are some. So if you're interested in skiing, ice skating or sledding, here's a list of places to go in Stockholm that are easy to get to. I translated it (with huge help from Hiie of course) straight out of the newspaper. I can't vouch for any of the places as I haven't been to any of them. But I checked their websites and transport details and they look pretty good some of them. So hopefully next weekend we'll get to one.

Skiing, sledding and ice-skating in Stockholm

There are ski trails, ice rinks and sledding hills for the whole snow period.


The largest hill skiing runs in Stockholm. Five runs. Sledding hill and snowboard park.
Open Monday to Friday 10am-10pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9am-6pm.
The same times apply for rentals of ski gear. The Inn is open every day 11am-3pm.
To get to Flottsbro by public transport take bus 706 from Huddinge station.
Here's their hire equipment page.  It's in swedish but just use the google translate at the top. It says you can hire skis, snowboards and blades. As well as poles, helmuts and boots. Can't hire sleds it seems. They recommend you book online which can be hard if you don't speak swedish. They like to do everything here online!
Phone: 08-53532700 (all phone numbers without international and country codes)


Opens at the end of December. Thereafter, open Monday-Friday 10am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday from 9am-6pm, as long as weather permits. Same times for cafe and restaurant as for ski rental and ski lifts. Four hours skiing costs 150 SEK for adults and 100SEK for 8-15 year olds. Younger children ski for free.

It's really cute seeing the young kiddies being dragged by sled to school. How much fun would it be to be a young child in Sweden?

Snowmen in the sun.


Lighted 2.2 km track  (lit until 9pm). Sledding hill. Hole in the ice for winter swimmers. Sauna including body gym (open Tuesday-Sunday). Long ice skating rink (iceskate rental available).  Food and drinks available during the day Tuesday-Sunday.
Catch bus 401 from Slussen station to Hellasgården and get off at stop Nackareservatet.
Ski hire page in english. 
Skate hire page in english
Phone:  087 163 961

Rudans District ( Rudsjöterrassen)

Illuminated cross-country trails that may have artificial snow if necessary. If weather permits, cleared skating rink at Lake Rudan (Sjö Rudan). Rest Cottage and food and drinks available. Catch the commuter train (pendeltåg) to Handen which is near Lake Rudan, then walk.
No website
Phone: 08 6068975

Three sledding slopes 

Observatorielunden (Observatory Hill) Catch the T-bana to Rådmansgatan station. Bonus: There is a cafe called Himlavalvet serving waffles.

Tanto. Catch the T-bana to Zinkensdamm station. A good slope at Tantogården, and smaller, but very durable, runs at Zinkensdamm IP (Sports stadium).

Nybohovsbacken. Catch the Tbana to Liljeholmen station. Classic, long sledding hill a few minutes walk from the subway.

Sergel's Torg on a mid winter's day. The center of the city.

Ice skating

In Stockholm there are over 30 ice rinks supported by the local councils (communes).  For inexperienced skaters go to Kungsträdgården ice rink, which is the only one where you can rent skates. Open daily until 6pm, Tuesday and Thursday until at 8pm.
Details about this and other sites can be found at the Stockholm website.
There is also a large number of plowed ice skating courses in the Stockholm area. These are listed on For courses in skating see

Lida District

Ski slope for beginners. SEK 60 per day for adults, SEK 40 for children. Equipment rental. Open daily at 10am-3pm. Three lit  tracks for skiers, 800 m, 2.3, and 2. 4 km (lit to 10pm), and several long, unlit tracks (up to 17.9km. Prepared artificial snow. Sledding hill is lit until 9pm every day. Cleared skating lanes on Sjö Getaren (Lake Getaren) with the right weather. Rental of cross-country equipment. The inn is open from 10am-5pm each day. To get to Lida take the commuter train (pendeltåg ) to Tullinge station and from there catch bus 721.

Ph: 08 778 4380

Ursviks Motionsgård

Lighted tracks from 400 metres up to 10km until 10pm. Motionsgården  has a sauna, cafe and gym training opportunities. Open Monday-Thursday and 9am-9pm Friday-Sunday at 9am-2pm. Barbecue facilities at the end of the lighted tracks.
Ursviks Motionsgård Address: Ursviksvägen 99
Catch the bus 157/504 from Sundbyberg station.
No web page
Ph: 087068377

What is it with people throwing their sneakers onto electricity wires?

Gärdet-Kaknästornet at Djurgården
If there is enough snow (20 cm) they make skiing tracks on Gärdet and  northern Djurgården.

There are lighted tracks at Fiskartorpets outdoor facility located on Björnnäsbacken 15 at Northern Djurgården. Catch bus 55 to Storängskroken bus station (Ph: 084 116 210) and then walk.

My little attempt at a snow cat on the balcony table.
Photograph at top of page copyright: Telegraph


  1. Thanks Sy. Glad you liked it.

  2. Thank you so much for this! Huge winter sports girl and I'm not yet up to doing a lot of translating, so this is awesome!

  3. Thanks Ohiogirl. Maybe I'll see you on the slopes!

  4. Suz, I'm a student studying in Stockholm for the semester and would love to try out cross-country skiing while I'm here. Any idea where I could find cheap used equipment?

  5. Hi Tyler I appreciate your dilemma as we've got the same problem. You can't hire skis at any of the Stockholm ski places and we haven't found any other place to hire cross country skis yet. is a website where you can buy and sell things. I haven't looked for skis there yet but probably will. One ski shop I was recommended was in Fleminggatan 17, Kungsholmen Tel. 08-652 99 20, for new skis. Good luck.

  6. Thanks, Suz! Great post also. Very helpful!

  7. Awesome post Suz! Trying to decide which is the best for sledding among the 3 options you mentioned. Silly questions but would you know whether we could rent the sleds there?

  8. Thanks Coral. Glad you enjoyed the post. I had a look online again for sledding but it's unlikely that they do hire out sleds at the places I've written about. Even at the major skiing places they don't hire out sleds. I don't know why. It's a bit of a shame. If anyone knows of a place in Stockholm please drop us a line.

  9. I wrote a comment earlier saying you couldn't hire skis(it was a couple of years ago). But you can hire cross country skis at Hellasgården, Flottsbrobacken.


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