A Saturday surprise in Stockholm

Discovered another beautiful place in Stockholm last week. The very harmonic Edsvik. (Vik means bay or creek in Swedish.) We really went there to go to an exhibition at the Edsvik Konsthall. But what a surprise to see what an absolutely gorgeous place it is. Like the perfect little village by a lake you dream about. And it’s extra beautiful because it’s autumn.

The local castle. In the upper storey we heard a Mozart chamber concert performed by music students, later in the week. It was an authentic 17th century room which was fantastic to hear it in.

I never get sick of taking photos of birds. Birds upending to find food always make me laugh. 

This is probably about 2pm in Edsvik and it's quite dim already. It’s starting to get dark at 3pm. It’s completely dark by about 4.30. It made me feel a bit weird at first. Disorientated because it’s like it’s 10 o’clock at night when it’s 5pm. I’m starting to get up a lot earlier too to compensate not that it makes much difference because it’s still dark until 8am.

Edsvik art gallery looks like it was probably the stables of the castle, which is near it. It’s an absolutely fantastic gallery space and well worth going to if you're into art. The exhibitions I’ve seen have been really good, though the Autumn Salon was a bit of a disappointment. Though as usual the watercolours were much better than the painting. 

Though there was one really good painter showing here, Mats Åkerman. 1950's kind of moody city nightscapes. Oil paintings that looked like pastel. You can see the enormous influence of the American painter Edward Hopper in them. The paintings were thoroughly enjoyable.
They actually charge huge prices here for art. It’s probably two or three times what they charge in Australia for comparable artists. In Australia many artists, theatre people, musicians, opera etc get paid a pittance and that’s just how it is.

It’s a fantastic gallery space because of the quality of the light. With two buildings they also have a motorcycle museum in one surprisingly, which we'll be going to next time. Exhibitions are always packed with people in Stockholm. Doesn't matter where you are in the world, art people all wear black as you can see.

Here’s a house with a view that’s for sure. Can’t stand the car in the driveway though. So seductive but what damage they’ve done. Can’t the world quickly move to electric or some non fossil fuel? The first one was produced in 1899. What gives! We decided to walk back from the gallery to the main bus stop which is about a half an hour walk. We ended up walking up what must have been quite a few hundred steep steps and nearly having a heart attack as a result. Got to stop eating all those swedish cakes!

St Erik's Church on the hill. Edsvik, Stockholm

Creek in the castle park.

How to get there:
Catch the pendeltåg to Sollentuna station.  All the buses are outside the train station.
Then get bus 524 to the castle or you can walk. It's about 20 minutes.


  1. Beautiful shots! Would love to come visit some year! The art in the museum looked sparse and lacking?

  2. Thanks Don. Sweden's a great place to visit if you're into nature. It's a very beautiful place. And in my opinion very friendly in contrast to what many people say. The way the exhibition was set up was pretty normal. Most exhibitions are fairly sparsely hung.


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