Father’s Day at Historiska Museet, Stockholm

Aristocratic Viking. Maybe the writers of Superman got some of their ideas here?

Swedish rune in a room painted in patterns used by the Vikings.

It was Father’s day in Sweden last Sunday. Also in Estonia, and the other Nordic countries too. It was interesting walking around in the city as there were young fathers everywhere pushing prams in the cold. You’d think that they’d have a day off and the mothers would be doing it. Not here it seems.

There seems to be real equality between the sexes in Sweden. Well relatively speaking. There’s nowhere that’s 100 percent. In Sweden not only do you see a lot of women train drivers but you see a lot of men pushing prams. It’s great. And it’s no big deal either.

Father’s Day was also the anniversary of my father’s death from melanoma cancer in 2009. It was a pretty emotional day for us all because you’re reminded of the last days which are quite painful, sad memories. But it’s nothing to what my dad suffered from the cancer both physically and emotionally. For my dad it was really difficult to accept having cancer because for his whole life he was extremely fit and healthy. He obtained a black belt in karate and was still doing his karate chops into his 60’s. He also had a great love for Eastern philosophies and medicine. I like to remember him fit and healthy in his karate uniform, giving a lecture (whether we like it or not), about his latest new health discovery.
Years back he told me he felt an affinity with the Vikings after he visited Denmark. So I decided to commemorate his life by going to the Historiska Museet in Stockholm which shows the history of the Vikings in Sweden.

The vikings were explorers, warriors, merchants and pirates who raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas of Europe and the North Atlantic islands from the late 8th to mid 11th century. And they looked good doing it!

So off we went to visit yet another museum. The museum supply is endless in Stockholm. Of course try not to get lost on the way like we did. Historiska Museet is actually well worth going to. It's got first-rate exhibitions and of course the restaurant/cafe is great too, as is usual in Sweden. We had lunch there and in Sweden they pile on the salad for free so it's actually good value having lunch out.

 Viking swords.

Beautiful rune stonework.

There are thousands and thousands of archaeological items so to do the whole museum is exhausting. We focused on the Vikings, the medieval period and the gold room. Even then it was too much. We whizzed by the exhibits trying to fit everything in. What did I learn? Not a lot really other than the Vikings had some interesting clothes and the Swedes really know how to design museums and exhibitions. But then I really wasn’t there to learn on Father’s Day in Sweden, just to ponder the memory of my father.

 Stockholm Info:
Historiska Museet
Narvavägen 15-17, Stockholm

It's easiest just getting off at Kungsträdgården t-bana station and then walking (about 15 mins). And it's wonderful walking around Stockholm city.

In memory of Bill Wellington (1941-2009)


  1. So beautifully written Sue. He really was an inspiration! love Larne. Brisbane, Australia

  2. Thanks Larne. You're an inspiration too. Love Sue


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