Stockholm: Planet of the Animals

geese and  ducks in country pond Stockholm Sweden
The Akalla pond in Stockholm, Sweden.

two Canada geese swimming in pond in Stockholm Sweden
Two Canada Geese sailing across the pond in Akalla. Last week a flock of geese (two parents and 8 goslings) that we got to know last winter arrived back after a short holiday down south. It was the first flight for them and I'm glad they got back.

There are so many animals in our neighbourhood. You meet them every time you go for a walk. I suppose if you're not an animal lover it wouldn't be that interesting but I am. I always think there's something wrong with a person if they don't like animals. For me what's not to like. They bring joy and colour into your life. I love birds a lot and have to resist buying one everytime we go to the pet shop. I can't stand birds in cages. You really miss the colour and screetching of Australia's parrots here in Sweden. Seeing the budgerigars in the petshop at the mall makes me more aware of the reality of the size of the world. From Australia to Sweden is such a long way. Sometimes I feel like one of those budgerigars.

Here's just a sample of all the animals we saw on just one Sunday walk. Along with a paraglider and a lone balloonist. It was a magical autumn day.

pastoral countryside in Stockholm Sweden
Cafe Butik is in a 17th century farm.

close up of cattle scratching themselves Stockholm Sweden
I have no idea what these pointy cattle scratching themselves are called. If someone knows drop us a line. I presume some sort of rare breed.

forest in autumn in stockholm sweden
This was the last great autumn day. All the leaves dropped off the next day.

close up of sparrow in a bush
It's hard to get a good photo of these birds (perhaps a sparrow?) cos they hide whenever there's a camera around.

two horses and riders greeting each other on a country path
There are a number of stables around Akalla so you see horses quite frequently while you're walking. They show horse jumping on tv in prime time. You wouldn't think of Sweden as a horsy nation but they're quite into it.

competitive ballooning in the blue sky
Ballooning's quite common during autumn as it's mostly clear skies and hardly any wind.

Paraglider passing through a smoke trail left by a plane
The streaks from a plane give direction to a paraglider.

photo of autumn trees in forest
Yet another photo of autumn trees.
close up of hand made wooden paddock fence in sweden
Public fence showing a fantastic use of local wood. It's beautifully made and not a nail to be seen.

white long haired goat next to a tree
This goat reminds me of someone I used to live with!

tabby cat sitting in a paddock
Cat in the grass. I think everyone in Stockholm has a cat. They're everywhere.


  1. Nice blog! Great to see your photos of places in Sweden and Estonia I've never been to.

  2. Thanks Fraser. Glad you like it.


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