Princess Victoria of Sweden's new pad at Hagaparken, Stockholm

forest in stockholm

Hagaparken is the 18th century english style, royal park that now has Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel living in its lush surrounds. I wanted to go there one Sunday to see whether we might be able to see their house close up. Pathetic isn't it? I've turned into a stalker after the royal wedding. We walked around this huge park looking for it, stopping for coffee (you have to) at the roman battle tent, then the butterfly and exotic bird house and then finally managed to discover their house. Of course it's completely surrounded by an old iron fence, thousands of trees and video cameras so we didn't see much but we had a good time anyway.

outside a cafe in stockholm park
There are cafes absolutely everywhere in Stockholm and absolutely everyone is having a coffee and cake in one at some point during the day. It's a common sight to see tough looking groups of guys stuffing their faces with huge cream cakes at 4 in the afternoon.

male mute swan standing next to water
Male Mute swan warming up.

roman battle tent in stockholm park
Koppartälten, the roman battle tent designed by Louis Jean Desprez (1790) was originally used as stables but now has a cafe (of course) and a museum in it.

people bbqing in stockholm park
Barbequeing in the park on a Sunday.

orange brown butterly on green leaves
Butterfly in the Fjärilhuset. Supposedly according to the Eyewitness travel guide to Stockholm there's hundreds of butterflies and birds flying freely. Well no. More like about 20 butterflies at the max and a couple of frustrated caged parrots and a quail. There's some large goldfish and tropical gardens too. It's charming if it was free but like most Stockholm attractions it's pretty pricey.

young girl putting her finger into a large aquarium
Getting personal with the large goldfish in the butterfly house.

view of princess victorias house in stockholm
This is it. Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's residence. No you can't see anything.

family of swans swimming in a stockholm sweden lake
The swan family en route to downtown Stockholm.

Stockholm travel tips: Hagaparken is 4 kilometres north of Stockholm. You can get there on the 515 bus.

Read about Princess Victoria's and Daniel's wedding.


  1. Yeh it really is Connie. There's another similar tent but a lot smaller at Drottningholm Castle gardens too.

  2. Yes they are and they know it.


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