Greatest Swedish artists of all time: Abba

the popband Abba and cast of Mamma Mia
All the members of Abba and the cast of Abba the musical.  Photo by Daniel Åhs Karlsson

Abba. All over the world simply the best known and best loved Swedish pop band. The only Swedish band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. One of the greatest pop bands ever. So many incredible songs. So many bad outfits. But those voices. Those scintillating, crystalline voices. They will live for ever. Even Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) studied Abba song's to make his own songwriting better.

I can't help but listen to Abba in Sweden. You just have to. And watching their old film clips I can now understand more the atmosphere of Sweden in them. The reserve and seriousness is part of the culture. Though I'm sure it's a lot more relaxed than in the 1970's.

I've picked out a fantastic film clip of the beautiful Abba song 'The day before you came' (1982). The last song they recorded together. It's a superb film clip. Newly restored. And it's a really interesting song lyrically. Conjures up a whole world of longing and desire. There's also a  reference to the American feminist author Marilyn French. Remember 'The Women's Room' from 1977?

As an aside currently there's some serious electioneering going on in Sweden with the votes being cast on the 19th september. It's interesting that the great Benny Andersson, one of the main songwriters in Abba supports the Feminist Initiative, a political party here in Sweden. What a man!

And in other Abba news, Frida is part of a new album called 'Reconnection' by the Swedish composer and guitarist Jojje Wadenius. She's singing Cat Steven's 'Morning has broken'. Her voice is still perfection.

Hope you enjoy the clip.

 The official Abba website

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  1. That is one shocking song Sue!! Have you listened to the words? dear oh dear

  2. Very funny Larne. Maybe I've been brainwashed since being in sweden! I love this song. I don't pay so much attention to lyrics in songs to be honest. But I thought it has to be the only song ever with a reference to Marilyn French which I thought was fantastic and funny. But it's all about love as is usual in Abba songs so what's wrong with that?

  3. It's the only ABBA song I like. My husband being half Norwegian loves them and we have some of their discs in Swedish.

  4. Thanks Anji. Glad you like the song and I'm not the only one. They don't even play Abba songs here in Stockholm in swedish. I've only heard them in english. I think the swedes are proud but embarrassed by them perhaps. I'm amazed you still have the swedish discs though. They're probably collectors items.

  5. They might be and we can't play them now because we haven't got an old type of record player anymore (yippee!)


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