My favourite shop in Stockholm

photo of stockholm central railway station, sweden by Susan Wellington

Shopping in Stockholm can be a bit of a chore. I spend a lot of time traipsing all over town trying to find what I like. There's simply not as much choice here from what I'm used to in Australia which has it's good and bad points. Good- you don't spend as much money. Bad -it's annoying not having what you like.

One shop I do spend a bit in though is my very favourite shop in Stockholm. It's the Akademibokhandeln in Mäster Samuelsgatan, Stockholm and is the largest bookstore in Sweden. I'm a bit of a culture vulture and read a lot of magazines, books, anything really as well as listen to a lot of music and DVD's. This shop has an absolutely fantastic range of books written in english both classic and modern, in most subjects. It also has a large range of DVD's from all over the world- movies, tv and music, though virtually none from Australia which was disappointing, though Australian novelists are well covered. It has a large magazine section though don't expect to see your oz or american art magazines here, it's mostly swedish though there is a good general selection of english language magazines. It also has a nice cafe where you can read without buying. It's a bit like Borders.

If you want international newspapers and magazines one of the best places to go is the pressbyrån at Stockholm Central Rail Station on Vasagatan which is excellent. It has a large range of major newspapers and magazines (mainly fashion magazines and current affairs but you can get english art magazines and other less common subjects too). Don't expect to find any of the excellent Estonian women's magazines here, it's like the Baltic states don't exist up here though they're just across the Baltic Sea.

In the end if you can't get what you want you can always just enjoy the fantastic sightseeing on offer in Stockholm. The most beautiful of cities.

Stockholm Guide:
Mäster Samuelsgatan 28
Tel: 08-402 11 00

Pressbyrån Stockholm Central Station


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