Summer interlude: the best beaches in Stockholm 1

 Björnö, Sweden

Australia is famous for it's beaches. If you live in a city in Oz there's a surf beach or bay beach somewhere relatively close.

My last house I lived in I could walk to the beach in 2 mins which is heaven. Any worries you have get swept away by the sea.

However swimming in it's another matter. There's poisonous dangerous critters everywhere and dangerous rips, so beware. Our own Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, was killed by a stingray while filming underwater in the Great Barrier Reef.

 It was a bit overcast on the day but the sea in general is a kind of grey blue colour which is very calming to look at. Different from Oz with it's more azure blue.

So I must say it's heaven knowing you can just walk in the water here without a worry in the world. 

Even in the forest, well they have ticks, but that's about it. No worries about snakes or poisonous spiders. It's bluddy beaut!

Well they do have bears but supposedly they're really shy and you hardly ever see them. So no worries about your tent being rammed by wild pigs here. Or waking up to a  poisonous spider on your pillow.

So with the greatest relaxing pleasure I introduce the 3 best beaches in Stockholm where not only can you swim, sunbake and get your lattes (alas no surfing) but you can live to tell the tale.

Walking in the forest is easy and comfortable with pine needles making the ground nice and soft and fragrant.

The first is the absolutely stunning beach at Björno nature reserve.

It's about an 1 hour bus trip from Slussen station (bus 428 to Björkviks brygga- timetable here) in Stockholm.

It's quite an unbelievable spot - as it's so remote even though it's only an hour from Stockholm and the bus goes right to the beach - so there's no walking.

There's no shops people so take your picnic and this being well organised Sweden there's what in Australia we call a thunderbox right near the bus stop- a toilet where you can have the interesting sensation of having flies zoom up your bum.

There was only a hand full of people there...
(and rather bizarrely a ginger cat in the forest that was meowing until we came. Incredible because we were trying to get away from the meowing of our own cat. Do they have a secret communication system between all the cats in the world to annoy you? It seems so.)
 ...even though it's summer, so you can easily find a spot and feel like it's the end of the world.

You can only get this sensation right outback in Oz. It's so unbelievably peaceful.

I suppose because there's so many places to swim around Stockholm people are just so spread out.

You can sunbake on the rocks and there's a little bit of lovely sand but I like the rocks cos you don't get sand stuck all over you after you've swum. There's endless paths to walk in the forest and birds to watch. It's heaven.

I'll introduce the other beaches in future blogs. Safe swimming everyone and don't forget to slip, slop, slap.

 Swimming at Björnö.
The water's kind of refreshing to swim in. ie. not that warm.


  1. Do the beaches in Sweden have sand or are they rocky? Just curious, I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Beautiful photos - I'd love to find myself in Sweden some day. the meantime, I'll keep buying that weekly tattslotto ticket....

  3. Thanks Joanna
    Sweden's quite a large country so I haven't seen a lot of beaches but the ones I have don't have a lot of sand. It is mixed in with rocks and the sand even though it looks soft is still quite rough compared to the sand in Australia. I think around some of the larger islands there's quite a bit of sand but I don't know if it's rough or soft yet as haven't been to any. But will soon.

  4. Thanks Kath I hope you win that tattslotto ticket. Sweden's cheaper than you think. Well it's about the same cost of living in Australia. You can pick up some cheap flights here too which is how I got here.

  5. Yes... i also really like to visit new place, your idea is good.

  6. Thanks it is gorgeous and I might go in winter to see what it's like then.


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