The English countryside

 The sunburnt countryside outside Salisbury. The tour guide said that there were reports of UFO's around here as well as crop circles. That would've been an interesting visit.

Stonehenge of course. Smaller than you think. The light and the clouds were just so beautiful that summer day.

Medieval decoration inside Salisbury Cathedral. The anonymous artisans were sensitive and bold in their work I think. The expressiveness of these faces really moved me.

Occasionally when you're in London you need a bit of fresh air so (when we got back to Stockholm I couldn't believe how country fresh the air smelled) we decided to take a day tour (Golden tours-ok) by bus to see Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Bath. It's an easy way to see the countryside when you want to cover a lot of distance. The tour guide was like an army general though but she did give us some good info. They are all magical places to go and I loved them all both visually and spiritually but next time I'd choose to see them without the tour guide.

 Countryside outside Bath. Just beautiful. I had to pinch myself it was like being in a dream.

Bath is a remarkable little Roman town in the middle of England with it's ancient baths still working and it's so well preserved you forget what century you're living in. There are really no modern buildings here at all. If it was in Australia it would've been razed long ago! It has the Jane Austen connection too. Jane lived here for a period and 'Persuasion' is partly set in Bath.  Bath is the place you must go in England. It's so unique. My camera batteries went dead by the time we got there so I only have a couple of photos from the cameraphone unfortunately.

 The main door of Bath Abbey. Closed of course.

 The Roman Baths, Bath.  There were heaps of school groups of children waiting outside in the queue, singing at the tops of their voices to pass the time. We decided to skip the kids and walk around the town as the tour group only gave us 45 minutes there. It was the better idea as the water pumps decided not to work that day at the baths.

 These little hills next to Stonehenge are actually heaped pagan cemeteries. You can see why the painter John Constable was inspired to paint clouds as well.

 The procession to Stonehenge. Here on Salisbury Hill for 5000 years. Just recently archaeologists have discovered another henge near this one. There was a lot of tourists at Stonehenge on the day so you just shuffle around with the multitudes taking photos. The cameraphone phenomenon has kind of got out of control. No one's looking at the sight anymore. It's all about the camera or phone.

 Salisbury Cathedral also has the Magna Carta (1215) on display. Yes it is the first document that you could kind of call a bill of rights and was a foundation stone for the English legal system. That is amazing but we didn't pay much attention really and walked by quickly to get outside into the sun because it's a bit gloomy in the church to be honest. You get exhausted looking at things, ungrateful wretch I am.

On a house near to Salisbury Cathedral. Thoughts to ponder as you drive through the countryside listening to Led Zeppelin? I thought of Led Zeppelin a couple of times in England, not that I listen to them much, but their mystical lyrics partly were inspired by the english countryside and I could understand why.

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