Tiptoeing through the tulips

We saw the most perfect tulips at the Bergianska trädgården (botanical garden) the other day though you don't need to go there to see perfect flowers because they're everywhere in people's gardens. But I just wanted to see what it was like. I don't think many people know about it much as there was hardly anyone there and it was such a superb day. I suppose they are spoiled for choice in Stockholm. Well probably locals know about it but it's only occasionally mentioned in the travel guides. Maybe they think yet another park because there's so many of them and admittedly it's quite a small botanical garden. But it's a gorgeous one and of course surrounded by water. You can walk around the whole thing in half an hour. It's actually quite high in some parts and you get some gorgeous views of the water. There's a nice japanese garden section. And plenty of tulips. There's not many birds around recently but there were a few here- black headed gulls, mallard ducks with some new babies in tow etc. One of the best things in Sweden is being able to go out so late as it's still light. You can still go walking in the light at 10pm. And if you're an early bird it's getting light at 3.30am. I'm not.


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