One wedding and 500,000 guests: Princess Victoria of Sweden's wedding day

 A nice way to travel for sweden's newly married Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

 View of the royal barge and the english navy ship HMS Kent that the swedish King Gustav XVI wanted present at the royal wedding, as he's an honorary admiral in the english navy. The sailors said their hurrahs as Crown Princess Victoria and the newly crowned Prince Daniel, the former Daniel Westling, exclusive gym owner, passed by.

 The wedding was a combination of the romantic and military pomp and splendour.

Well the royal wedding’s over and I’m getting withdrawals. You feel like you know Victoria and Daniel personally as their faces have been plastered everywhere for the 5 months I’ve been here. I want to know where they are going for their honeymoon and why haven’t they told me. Along with 500,000 other people we wanted to see them in their cortege as it wound it way through the streets of Stockholm accompanied with a contingent of horses, soldiers, police and security. They were also going to travel on the royal barge from the island of Djurgården to the palace as well and we decided after getting squashed in the crowds near Kungsträdgården, (though that had the only large television screen where you could view up close what was going on with the wedding) that going to one of the islands might be a better option to view them.

The horses got extra carrots and nuts I heard. Though I didn't know horses ate nuts.

 People in hotels and houses along the path got great views and a few threw confetti on the couple as the cortege went by. People were pretty restrained though. There was no hysteria or anything like that, just the occasional hurrah. Very polite. I'm getting the idea about the swedes. It was a wonderful relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere though.

 The water glistened in the afternoon sun.

In front of the palace. Grass was laid out on the road and there were beautiful pale pink roses decorating the bottoms of the barge archway as they did the church. It's all done in the restrained swedish way though. Very classic.

We chose Kastellholmen which is only a 10 minute walk from Kungsträdgården and which has a medieval style castle and cannons. We had to wait an hour but the weather was pleasant, we had our stocks of food and drink and we had beautiful Stockholm to look at. People the size of ants lined the entire harbour with the flickering of yellow and blue everywhere from the waving of swedish flags. Navy ships of various countries with sailors standing at attention formed a path along which the barge would row. When the barge actually went past it was genuinely moving. You couldn't help but get emotional. Victoria and Daniel waved, cannons loudly exploded and the swedish air force flew overhead in formation. The barge slowly made its way along the path made by the ships and then they were gone. It was like a dream or some myth realised.

Later we watched the broadcast on television and it was just fascinating as well as moving. Swedish tv even broadcast the dinner and speeches. Daniel's speech in particular was moving and in english partially too. Here's a link for royal wedding videos through swedish tv if you're interested.

 Kungsträdgården was packed and later on they had some free bands to keep everyone entertained. Nearly all the bands that I've seen perform in sweden seem to sing in english mainly which I was surprised by.

 Unusual flower arrangements. Flower pot arranging is taken very seriously here and it's seriously beautiful everywhere because of it. We had a game of mini golf on Sunday and even there there were beautiful gardens of blooming flowers.

A band from Norway takes a break from entertaining the crowds. There were brass bands playing marches and anthems all along the path of the cortege. You have to love a marching band.

Read more about Princess Victoria's new royal residence at Hagaparken.


  1. That was a great post about the wedding. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures

    BTW I think the horse nuts are special food made for horses.

  2. Thanks Anji I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the heads up about the nuts too!


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