Lars Jonsson - swedish bird artist extraordinaire

One of my favourite artists that I've only discovered since being in Sweden is Lars Jonsson- an absolutely brilliant swedish watercolourist and painter of birds.

He's been painting and drawing birds since he was a child and has to be one of the best in the world.

His Bird's of Europe which he wrote and illustrated is simply magical and very practical if you're a birdwatcher.

I always find it so amazing, being a drawer myself, how he manages to capture so much detail as well as the spirit and unique character of each bird.

And he doesn't use photos. Well in the main anyway.


He's having an exhibition at the Kulturhuset in Stockholm until 15th August 2010 with the bird photographer Brutus Östling which we've managed to see a couple of times already.

It's that good.

For anyone who can't be in Stockholm you can visit his website and various paintings and drawings and posters can be purchased.

Unfortunately most of it's not in english but there's some great pictures to peruse and you can just use google translate or yahoo babel to translate.

Getting there:
The Kulturhuset always has many fascinating and stylistically varied and sometimes challenging exhibitions to see and is open everyday and free of charge.

It's in Sergel's Torg the main square in town and also the place where the main train station (t-centralen) in Stockholm is.

Check out the website if you're interested in Kulturhuset. You can read it in english too.


  1. I know the book "Birds and light" and his drawings are extraordinary!!
    Have you seen how he was drawing at only 7 or 14 ? it's really amazing.
    (i apologize if my english is bad, i'm french)

  2. Hi Adele, yes I agree they are extraordinary too. We bought the book 'Birds and Light' which is gorgeous. Yes he started young. He's a really nice guy too. Thanks for the comment Adele. Also your english is great.


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