Get your dancing shoes on

 Music can be heard all around the city of Stockholm at the moment, building up to the royal wedding on Saturday. Kungsträdgården has been transformed with a number of temporary bars, cafes, clubs some playing thumping dance music in the evenings. You can have a dance if you want. We didn't. It is meant to be summer here but it's about the same temperature as Australia's winter. But I don't mind I'm used to the cool now and it's too hot in summer in Oz to go for a walk half the time. Along the water's edge people stroll about (in the very civilized swedish manner, there's no overt drunkeness or silliness from what I've seen) in a carnival like atmosphere. Some of the roads have been closed so cyclists are king for a week. It's a great vibe actually and it's the same all around the city. The weather hasn't been that good so the crowds have probably been less than was wanted though there was quite a crowd listening to a wonderful performance of Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana' at the royal palace stage. I hadn't heard it for 20 years. It brought back memories of the english film 'Excalibur' which I saw quite a few times in the 80's and which is part of the film's soundtrack. It's a thoroughly enjoyable film with a young Helen Mirren as a very sexy Morgana. I might watch it again.


  1. Just wanted to say your blog is sooooo sunshine! Loving the pics and colours! Hope to visit soon!

  2. Thanks Kelly I'm glad you like it. Come visit again soon. Sue


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