Afternoon tea at Drottningholm palace

The view through the bus window on the way to Drottningholm. Great isn't it?

The front of the palace is lined with statues of heroic men. No women?

The rear of the palace with the parterre garden in view.

Nice bottom.

There are some seriously old trees in the palace gardens.

A good resting place.

Chinese pavilion.

Everybody knows about the impending royal wedding of Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling in Stockholm on June 19th. The media have been covering it in Sweden everyday for months, so the country will be in a frenzy by the wedding day. Their pictures are everywhere including on the boxes of chocolates we've been stuffing our faces with. I'm always faintly amused by Daniel Westling who looks so uncomfortable in a suit and tie. The stylists have done him up to within an inch of his life. I hope this former gym owner likes life in a suit and tie. To continue the royal fever we took a trip to Drottningholm on Sunday which is the location of the royal palace on the island of Lovön. It's 40 minutes by bus though on the return trip home we decided to take the 1 hour long ferry because of the superb weather and I'd never done it. Though the captain took a wrong turn he made up for lost time as we chugged a little faster than normal. It was just beautiful.
Drottningholm Slott (palace 17th C) is still home to the swedish royals too. They're safely tucked away from prying eyes though at the west end. It's a superb palace decorated inside in a combination of baroque, classical and rococo styles. It's a mish mash inside basically which I suppose is normal for building projects that take over hundred years to complete. There's some lovely rooms but the Queen Hedvigs Eleonora's room isn't one of them. It's so dark and suffocating because of all the wall hangings and drapery. Tessin the elder designed the building which was completed by his son and in my opinion he has a lovely light architectural style. It has interesting baroque gardens, chinese pavilion, the oldest operating theatre in the world and huge English style park area. Mozarts '1a finta giardiniera' is playing at the theatre this week. Dogs were allowed to run free in one of the parks so there were plenty of dogs and dog people socialising happily as we all were on this beautiful Sunday in May.

Beautiful mute swan.

On the wayward ferry.


  1. It's funny since I've been to Drottingholm around the same time as you, in June 1 but the weather wasn't so nice with us.

    You took some wonderful pictures there. I really liked the Chinese Pavilion, which is really unusual for a palace that old (I read on that it was build in 1752). It is simply marvelous.

    Love and flowers!


  2. Thanks Karin you're very kind. Yes bad luck about the weather as it really makes it fantastic.
    I don't think we planned to go to Drottningholm that day. It was more the weather was fantastic so let's go. And it really was stunning walking around the gardens. Yes I agree about the Chinese pavilion. Thanks for the link.


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