Swinging Spring in Stockholm

Sunset through the trees at Kista, Stockholm. Having a brisk walk through the forest is incredibly invigorating and I'm trying to do one everyday to lose some weight. I don't think it's working too well because the chocolate and cakes are too good in Sweden. 

The sound of the woodpeckers sounds like someone hammering in the distance. Here's one in a dead tree.

Amongst the pines. Still with a little bit of snow.
The whole landscape looks completely different without the snow. Sometimes I go places that I've already been and don't recognise them at all. One of the myriad of parklands around Stockholm.

But the snow's still around in some places. Some of the smaller lakes are still iced over. Ducks having a standoff.

This horse belongs to the farm around the corner, he hangs out with 2 ponies and was moved into a new paddock and was not happy about it.

Little cottage in a park we were walking through last week. It's next to the Stockholm cemetery where all the Swedish royals have a particular burial area overlooking the water. I don't find the cemeteries depressing here. They're really quaint. Many of the churches have cemeteries next to them. The weather has been pretty overcast but occasionally you get brilliant crystalline blue days.This wasn't one of them.

 The last little bit of snow in our garden.

Kista without the snow. Supposedly it's been one of the longest periods of snow in Stockholm for a while and I was lucky to see it. Normally it's supposedly quite slushy and muddy all the time but it only got like that at the end of the season. 

It was stunning spring weather on Sunday and we went out to Södermalm to do a bit of birdwatching and sightseeing.

 The ferry coming in from Finland.

 Boats and ferries constantly come and go, busy with tourists and locals visiting various islands in and out of Sweden. Some of the old boats are converted restaurants and nightclubs. Visiting the islands on one of the many ferries around Stockholm is an essential on a sweden vacation.

Everyone's out on Sundays especially if it's sunny but there's still not that many people around compared to Melbourne. The population here is really comfortable to live in. Not too many people but enough to disappear in.

Boats docking at Södermalm.

Gamla Stan in the sun, viewed from Södermalm.

 Cottages in Södermalm.

Walking up to the Katarina Kyrka (church). There are lots of narrow cobblestone streets in Södermalm.

Katarina Kyrka (founded in 1656) from the front, one of the Stockholm attractions. A cemetery surrounds it but the headstones are really spaced out so people use the area like a park. I saw a few people lounging about having a picnic, as you do, amongst the headstones.

The interior is really calming and peaceful. There's no ceiling decoration and only one painting which is unusual for a church.

Ceiling clock holding the enormous candelabra at the centre of the church.

The candelabra and the altar were a bit of a mystery. There's a touch of the pagan here I think.

And outside too.

Quaint little churchyard. 

You have to like the colour blue in Stockholm.

People supposedly catch the ferry to Estonia and Finland to get cheap alcohol amongst other things. As well as the overnight partying and entertainment.

Soaring gull. The boats churn up the water so the seabirds accompany the boats waiting for some tucker to surface.

Stockholm travel tips:
For long and short trips by ferry around Stockholm and other cities in Sweden go to http://www.stromma.se/en/Home/http://www.stromma.se/en/Home/

 Katarina Kyrka, Högbergsgatan 13, Södermalm
Take the tunnelbana to Medborgarplatsen stop then a 3 minute walk.


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