Visit to the National Gallery in Stockholm

Kafferepet Cafe, Stockholm.
Building in Stureplan, Stockholm.
Djurgarden in winter.
House on Djurgarden.
Stockholm at the beginning of Spring.

We visited the National Gallery in Stockholm last week to see an exhibition of Van Dyck and Rubens paintings- looking at the visual connections between the two. It was absolutely brilliant. Probably one of the best shows I've ever seen. Mind boggling. A couple of absolute masterpieces were on show that I'd seen in books my whole life and seeing them was definitely not a disappointment- Van Dyck's self portrait for example.
Have a look at Van Dyck's paintings here
Rubens paintings can be seen here
Unfortunately cameras weren't welcomed so I've put in some photos I took on our Paris trip.

Rembrandt's 'Bathsheba' Louvre, Paris. A masterpiece though by the time I saw this I'd seen hundreds of paintings so it barely registered. A smaller Rembrandt landscape next to it affected me more, I suppose because I find the landscape so nurturing to the soul. The gigantic history paintings in the Louvre overwhelm you with their size and narratives.

Tiepolo, Louvre, Paris. A tiny little painting that packs a punch.

The superb technique used by both Van Dyck and Rubens is remarkable. Nobody can paint like this anymore. It's not the subject matter, which is of it's time, but the technique that's significant and this is perfection. Incredible mastery of paint to express every kind of form and space you could imagine. Van Dyck went to England and became court painter so the Queen has many great works by him. I probably like Van Dyck a little more because of his more lyrical, melancholy sensibility but Rubens has to be the most optimistic visual artist in history which you can't help but love.

View of the National Gallery from Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

There were other painters in the exhibition too that were almost as phenomenal such as Breughel, Jordaens, which I'd never seen in real life and which were a revelation too. Flowers, fruit, dogs, birds, landscapes. It was magic. And we're going again.

Djurgarden, Stockholm.

Biological Museet, Djurgarden. It seems there's a museum every 20 feet in Stockholm.
Djurgarden, Thielska Gallery.
Building, Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Riksdagshuset (Parliament building) and one of the entrances to Gamla Stan, Stockholm.
Djurgarden as the snow starts to melt.
 Statue of Berzelius, a Swedish chemist, City, Stockholm
Kunliga Dramatiska Teatern (Royal Dramatic Theatre) City, Stockholm.
Public scupture, Ostermalm, Stockholm.

Stockholm Guide:
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